How does the u-pick work?

Here at Blue Haven Farm we take a casual, laidback approach to picking. We believe it should be relaxing and fun! Just come on down to our farm (no appointment needed) and we will show you the ropes.You're welcome to bring your own buckets, however we do have plenty here for you to use and bags for you to take your berries home in at no charge. You also pay per lb. so there is no pressure to fill your buckets. When you arrive at the farm simply check in at the farm stand and we will happily get you started.

How much does it cost to fill a bucket?


Our containers here hold roughly 5lbs. which costs $11.25 for the u-pick blueberries. A one gallon ice cream pail holds 5-6 lbs.

If you bring your own pail, remember to ask us to weigh your pail before you begin.

Our Hours?

The Farm is open from 8am-8pm daily from late June to early September. We do however occasionally close for rain or for ripening, and our season opening and closing date is dependant on the blueberries.

It is always best to check our Facebook page for current picking conditions and closures.

How do I Store my blueberries?

U-Pick - After picking you may notice that not all of your berries are fully ripe and as sweet as you would like. We suggest letting them sit at room temperature for roughly 12 hrs before placing them in the fridge or freezer. This allows the berries to fully ripen and sweeten up. Always keep them in breathable or open containers.

Pre-Picked- Berries bought from our farm stand have already been carefully hand sorted and are ready to be eaten! If you don't eat them all, place them in the fridge in the brown bag.

Should I wash my blueberries?

No. Our Blueberries are never sprayed and will last much longer and freeze better if they are not washed.

The dusty coating you see on the blueberries is actually the berries natural protective coating. If you rinse this off or handle your berries too much they will sadly go bad quickly.Our advice it to not wash them, however, if you feel the need to please only wash what you are about to eat right before using them.

what is the Best way to freeze Blueberries?


Since our blueberries do not need to be washed, freezing them is incredibly easy. Simply place your blueberries in a Ziploc bag and place them in the freezer. No need to lay them out on baking sheets, as long at the berries are not wet they will not clump together. For u-picked blueberries, remember to first let the berries sit for roughly 12hr to ripen up before freezing them.

Can I bring my kids to pick?

Yes! kids are always more than welcome on the farm. We love seeing their excitement when they find "the biggest berry ever!"

We have bunnies, ice cream, toys, and occasionally you can even watch the horses grazing in the field.All the makings of a kid friendly day on the farm.

How old are your blueberry bushes?


Our blueberry bushes have been with our family for 30 years! We put a lot of love and care into our blueberry patch and we believe it shows. Some of our bushes even reach 10 feet tall.

Do you sell your blueberries in stores?



Our Blueberries are only sold from our farm stand. 



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